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Monday, October 13, 2014

In the News 2014

Nearly 1,200 Missing, Murdered Aboriginal Women in Canada: RCMP
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) on Thursday May 1 confirmed to reporters that its own data search had yielded 1,186 cases of indigenous women—1,026 who had been murdered and 160 of whom are missing—over the past 30 years. This dwarfed the previous high number of 824 determined by a researcher in Ottawa earlier this year, as the Winnipeg Free Press reported in January. Even that number was higher than figures compiled by the Native Women’s Association of Canada, which had documented 582 cases.

No natives' sign taped to restaurant's door

Olympic Games in Fairbanks, Alaska - Where Culture Counts
“Traditionally you had to rely on your own physical strength and mental preparedness to survive,” she said. “You also had to rely on your community to survive.”

The Education System Is Failing Native American Students. Here's Proof
1. Native American Students Have The Lowest High School Graduation Rates In The Country 
2. In Recent Years, Their Average ACT Scores Have Declined Substantially...
...And Their SAT Scores Are Substantially Lower Than White Students' Scores
3. Native Students Have Less Access To High-Level High School Courses
4. Most Are Not Proficient In Reading Or Math By Eighth Grade

Racism in Indian Education
Native Times
A meeting in Rapid City in October 2007, one of the first of its kind in that state, had people reporting that racism is alive and well in the public ...