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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lesson Plans

Whether book, movie, lesson plan, or other media source, my comment stands - Educate yourself and talk about the controversies/issues - there is NO PERFECT SOURCE, only really good questions to get to deeper understanding. Having said that, these links are great beginnings for the novice teacher or to enhance the lessons of the experienced teacher!

This is such an awesome NA Lesson plan website I can't even describe it! I don't like the Cowboy/Indian game, but everything else looks great (and, yes, I reviewed every downloadable lesson, through I didn't review every on line resource link).

Preserving cultural artifacts.

My "Language Cards" and how I use them at Pow Wow.


Talking Circles: For Restorative Justice and Beyond 
As more schools consider restorative practice in areas of discipline, Talking Circles, a core component of the restorative justice process, enter the conversation. A Talking Circle, sometimes called a Peacemaking Circle, uses a structural framework to build relationships and to address conflict within a community. But Talking Circles serve other purposes as well: They create safe spaces, build connections and offer teachers a unique means of formative assessment.