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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Transforming Curriculum

Below are some websites which offer lesson plans and ideas for curriculum transformation, in general, not specifically NA. Using activities from these sites are a good way to open your heart and mind to including the multiple perspectives of many oppressed groups while gaining skills/techniques to do so…

RaceBridges for Schools ( offers resources to help teachers and administrators create a school climate that fosters knowledge of and respect for diversity. The lesson plans on this site will assist teachers in building community in their classrooms while honoring the wide range of differences among their students.

Teaching Tolerance ( offers lessons on social justice across different oppression (sexism, racism, environment, poverty, family/homophobia, etc.)
Quiz on Native Americans

Ed Change ( free handouts for a variety of differnet workshops, trainings, and classes. Professional development, research, and resources for diversity, multiculturalism, and cultural competency.

Some of Claudia's THINKING on Teaching (in general).

Thanksgiving lesson plans and ideas