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Friday, December 7, 2007

It's Nice to Get a Positive Letter Back from a Teacher

Hi Claudia-

I just wanted to pass along a little note to you about your son's performance in social studies class. Over the past week, we have been talking about world religions, especially as they pertain to Africa. Today, we spent some time talking about what indigenous peoples were and what some of the religious belief systems of indigenous peoples in Africa were.

I spoke with Dakota previously about sharing any of his beliefs and experiences, as they would probably be more similar to these than any of the other three we were discussing. He was very engaged in class and did not shy away at all from talking about his experiences as Pow-Wows, respect for elders, etc. It was a great opportunity for thte other kids in the class to see that these beliefs are real and still in practice in many cultures today. I think it also made Dakota feel good to share his ideas. Given how he felt singled-out recently, I think it took some courage for him to speak up. I am very proud of his participation and thought you would appreciate knowing.

His Teacher