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Friday, December 7, 2007

Another Positive Letter

Dear Claudia,

As you know, your daughter and I meet every Friday morning to work on writing skills. Today I suggested that she write a non-fiction piece about the Winter Solstice Holiday. I want Savannah to recall information, research information, and write an paper detailing her holiday celebration. Depending on our progress and research, I am hoping to include a bibliography and graphics with her research paper.

Today, while Savannah was brainstorming ideas and creating a graphic organizer, I did a bit of research on the computer to learn more about the Winter Solstice. I happen to come across your website, and Savannah was so proud to see your picture and website. We did not read the information together as I wanted to read it first myself, and check with you for the appropriateness of both my topic and the website. I believe, with your permission, I will print the "Holidays and Celebrations" quick link for Savannah and me to read together. Please know that any website we use will be previewed by me to assess the validity (to the best of my ability) and appropriateness relative to Savannah's age and the project. If you agree to this project and have any books or websites you would recommend, I would appreciate any suggestions. Savannah and I are both very excited by this project.

Thank you for your consideration,
Her Teacher