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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gloucester Pow Wow

The Gloucester Pow Wow had beautiful weather, a fabulous view of the ocean, yummy food, and even good friends who came to visit us as we camped overnight.

The Pow Wow also had a celebrity surprise. She has made over 40 movies! She is probably the MOST well known female Native American actor of all time. She has won over 15 best actress and best supporting actress awards. Do you know her yet???? If you don't that says something about the business of show business.

Here are comments from my daughter, Cheyenne:

…she is from Smoke Signals, one of my favorite movies of all time! Go frybread power! Here is me and my BFF Addie posing with Irene. She has her own clothing line (I got a bunch of things) and also sings in a Native American rock band with her husband, Deni.
Here I am about to begin a jingle dress dance demonstration and Richard, the MC, is teasing me (and I'm teasing him back).

My friend Beth (who made this dress) brought new (stiffer) leggings which I'm trying out for the first time!

I got "staked" every time I danced for demonstration. This traditional men's dancer is collecting the money (the custom is that I'm no supposed to touch it). I gave it all to Len's drum, Split Feather, who drummed for me, except enough so I could buy an ice cream.

Here's a "movie" of me doing a jingle dress dance demonstration at the Spring Planting Moon celebration.