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Monday, August 28, 2017

Arawak Taino Links

Presencia Taina
Taino history in video format:

Arawak Language
From United Confederation of Taino People: What we know as the Taíno language is mainly an Arawakan language... It is important to keep that there is no one Arawak language. In addition, "Taíno" also has a number of other languages that influence its composition. Among these are meso-american languages, Tupi-guarani languages, and Cariban (Carib) languages. Attached is a link to the Akawaio language for those interested in reviewing the wider scope of linguistic connections and inter-relationships. Akawaio is a Cariban language closely related to Makushi and is still spoken in parts of Guyana, Brazil, and Venezuela. Again, this is not an Arawakan language and this dictionary should not be used as a "Taíno" dictionary. - Múkaro