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Monday, January 21, 2013

Idle No More - Burlington, MA

The Idle No More movement has quickly spread around the world! People are standing up for Mother Earth and the rights of First Nations people. This took place January 19th 2013 in Burlington, Massachusetts and is only one example of thousands of IDLE NO MORE demonstrations taking place across North America and the rest of the world! Seeing so many standing up for clean water, and a healthy world is truly heartwarming. Bill C45 in Canada is an example of Big Oil using their financial influence on politicians to move laws aside for the exploitation of land for profit. Indigenous People have been protecting the Earth for tens of thousands of years and make no mistake what is happening now will impact "everyone" native and non native alike. This is a human movement of caring people. There is only one Earth and we "all" live here. I am honored to support first nations people and the Idle No More movement. For further information please search online, education is the key.

PS: My heartfelt thanks to those celebrities with the courage to stand up and help raise awareness for "Idle No More"

Thanks so very much to:
Buffy St Marie
Adam Beach
Tantoo Cardinal
Nelly Furtado

The easiest/best way to explain INM is that The Civil Rights Movement had its Rosa Parks instigating moment, and Native Americans have Chief Spence's protest in Canada as our INM moment - this is the beginning of another civil rights movement.
Agitation occurs when people outside of the normal decision-making establishment advocate significant social change and encounter a degree of resistance within the establishment such as to require more than the normal discursive means of persuasion. History shows when indigenous people, who are “outside” the normal decision making establishment, push for change the dominant culture establishment will resist and use force if necessary. W.E.B. Du Bois once wrote, “Agitation is a necessary evil to tell the ills of the suffering.

Dr. King called it “Creative Tension.” Creative tension is essentially a structure that helps to facilitate creativity and change. You form creative tension when you clearly articulate your vision and your current reality and the gap between your vision and your current reality becomes apparent. This creates an emotional and energetic tension that seeks to be resolved. Through a comparison of violent tension, which is undesired, and nonviolent tension, which is constructive, Dr King established the concept that the “constructive, nonviolent tension” will “help men rise from the dark depths of prejudice and racism to the majestic heights of understanding and brotherhood.”

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