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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Videos

Tisquantum, a young Patuxet man returns. 

"Pluses" (+) in this video:
  • Uses correct name (Tisquantum)
  • Describes a plague (not just disease or small pox)
  • Mentions Tisquantum being captured and enslaved in England
  • Interviews Nanepashemet (a respected NA who has since passed into the spirit world) who talks about Massasoit
  • Interviews Tall Oak (a respected Narragansett, whose son is Annawon Weedon) who talks about giving thanks and its connected obligations among the NA community
"Minuses" (-) in this video:
  • Still talks about Pilgrims having a feast and inviting Massasoit (we now know that it was probably an impromptu diplomatic visit)
A Short Story
"Pluses" (+) in this video:
  • Talks a little about the Pilgrim's Dutch experience and ocean voyage
  • Mentions Capt. John Smith
  • Mentions Samoset as the first contact (doesn't start with Tisquantum)
  • Mentions all the knowledge that Tisquantum passed on to the Pilgrims
"Minuses" (-) in this video:
  • Calls Samoset and "Indian Brave"
  • Still talks about inviting Tisquantum to their celebration
  • Mentions the yearly Presidential Proclamation (which STILL happens)
A Quick Montage of The Thanksgiving Story (and connection of Pequot massacre)

History of Thanksgiving

"Pluses" (+) in this video:
  • Talks about Pilgrim's view of Thanksgiving as a religious holiday
  • Describes what was probably really eaten at that "first feast"
"Minuses" (-) in this video:
  • Leaves out other "Thanksgivings" that early settlers had for the massacre of NA people and villages
  • Too much talk about turkey!

Sara Hale's Petition (connection to Gettysburg and Lincoln)

500 Nations:  Legacy of Thanksgiving.  Massasoit's son, Metacom/King Philip's, interviews with today's Wampanoags, the Blue Laws.

Watch full episode of We Shall Remain online - After the Mayflower

The Pequot perspective on the the "First Thanksgiving."

 Compare the authentic story above to the sanitized version below:

Some clear reasons why many Native Americans are NOT thankful for Thanksgiving: