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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Get a Good Map!

When choosing a map to use:
  • Be aware of who is included and who is excluded on each map (Hawaii? Alaska? Central America? South America? Canada?)
  • Consider how the map is grouping Native Americans (Region? Language? Confederacy? Tribe/Nation?)
  • Are Tribes/Nations being referred to by common/mainstream names or their own tribal names?
Here are some Internet map resources to use as starting points.

North American Nations - somewhat by region, includes Central America and Caribbean

North American Nations - more of Canada and more details of continental United States (nothing below Florida and Texas)

Aztec Empire (then), (1519) and (now), (details)

South American Nations - includes Caribbean

North America - by regions, includes Arctic

How many Nations are there? Click here for an alphabetical list.