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Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day in the News

5 Misconceptions about Columbus 

IN THE NEWS (Activism & other Native American news stories)

Several Links to information and Christopher Columbus for 2013

How Not to Party for Columbus Day

Columbus Day: The Cartoons

The Arawaks of Kashmir

The Shame of Columbus Day

Stop Saying Columbus 'Discovered' the Americas—It Erases Indigenous History Referring to tribal lands as "empty" seeks to justify their theft for commercial and military exploitation.

Columbus Day 2013: Hero, villain or both?

Beautiful Photo Series Explores How One Person Can Take On Two Genders

Reimagining Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus  Comedy Sketch
I've always had a hard time celebrating Christopher Columbus' so-called achievements since he's basically the reason people still ask me "What kind of Indian are you?"   So why not have a holiday for someone who actually did something worth celebrating? Comedian Hari Kondabolu has just the right person in mind. 

The Barbarian

Happy Bartolome Day
PRO-COLUMBUS STORIES IN THE NEWS (or at least broaden the perspective and put him alongside his pillaging counterparts)