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Friday, October 12, 2007

Anti-Columbus Song

Anti-Columbus Song
by Nancy Schimmel (Malvina Reynolds' daughter)
(as sung by Faith Petric)

Here is online here:

In fourteen hundred and ninety-two
Columbus sailed the ocean blue
It was a courageous thing to do
But someone was already there

Columbus thought that the world was round
So he looked for the East while westward bound
But he didn't find what he thought he'd found
For someone was already there

The Inuit and Cherokee
The Aztec and Menominee
The Onondaga and the Cree
Columbus sailed across the sea
But someone was already there

Now it isn't like it was empty space
The Caribs met him face to face
Could anyone discover a place
When someone was already there

So tell me who discovered what
He thought he was in a different spot
Columbus was lost but the Caribs were not
They were already there