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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Current Workshop Description by CFT

Teaching About Native Americans (Offered by EDCO Collaborative):

A two-day 12-hour workshop designed to give educators perspective on creating classroom environments that incorporate an understanding and respect for Native Americans. Ideas and materials presented may be used in the K-12 setting, some with adaptations. Wider mainstream cultural inaccuracies and media images about Native Americans will also be addressed. The instructor is Arawak, descendant from the original people who greeted Columbus in the Caribbean.
This interactive workshop about Native Americans will explore issues broader than curriculum. While most teachers (and students) do not identify as Native American, many educators, social workers, and counselors include, or are trying to include, Native American experiences. How does one know what is inaccurate or even offensive? What is the role of culture, race, and community in the Native American identity? What is it like to live as a Native American in today’s United States? What can a nonNative person do to support Native Americans? These questions and more will be addressed. Activities are designed to meet the need for accurate information related to Native Americans while learning strategies that can be used in the classroom. The participant can walk away with not only an awareness of issues when teaching about Native Americans, but also new insight into who they are as a person and how to be an ally to Native People whose history and culture has too often been portrayed inaccurately or made invisible.