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Monday, July 16, 2007

(Anti-) Thanksgiving Sites & Links

I use many of these articles (and some books) to present multiple viewpoints on November as Native American Heritage Month, the origins of the Thanksgiving holiday and the myths surrounding it, the Native perspective, and general background details often missing from the conversation.

The official presidential proclamation for National American Indian Heritage Month
The Truth about Thanksgiving
The Story of Thanksgiving
James Loewen's First Thanksgiving Analysis
Fact or Myth?
Investigating the First Thanksgiving
A Native American View of Thanksgiving: Hope and the Hidden Heart of Evil
Thanksgiving Day Myths
Are You Teaching the Real story of the “First Thanksgiving”?
Mistakes, Lies, Misconceptions About American Indian People: The Thanksgiving Myth
The often quoted article in the Christian Science Monitor – The First Thanksgiving
Teaching About Thanksgiving - Debunking a Lesson Plan
General Thanksgiving Links

How I Stopped Hating Thanksgiving and Learned to Be Afraid
by Robert Jensen, 2009
Why We Shouldn't Celebrate Thanksgiving by Robert Jensen, 2007
No Thanks to Thanksgiving by Robert Jensen, 2005
Rethinking Thanksgiving from Rethinking Schools
First Genocide, Then Lie About It. Why I Hate Thanksgiving by Mitchel Cohen from Radical ProFeminist
To Thank or Not to Thank