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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thanksgiving - What do YOU do?

While I agree with many of this young man's comments, I, personally, DO NOT have a large gathering with my family on Thanksgiving.  We may have a large family meal over the weekend (which we often do), but on the third Thursday in November, we have an ordinary dinner, usually leftovers, and only with the family members who are living in the house.  

We also DO NOT eat turkey because that is too closely associated with Thanksgiving.  We eat an early dinner on the Wednesday before, and fast the entire Thursday, often going to Plymouth, Massachusetts for the Remembrance Gathering at Noon on Cole's Hill.  Our fasting symbolizes the pain Native Americans, in general, and Wampanoags, specifically, have had to face in the centuries post contact. 

This young man talks about the Diné (Navajo). His stories relate directly to cultural destruction, as a result of European conquest, and he focuses on resistance (traditions that the Diné have been able to keep alive).