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Saturday, October 27, 2007

When the Tribe Expels You

Tribe Expels Members
This article does a good job summarizing the reasons Native Americans are removed from tribal roles. My experience is that it usually doesn't mean the person is not "Native," it just means politics are involved - and that's the problem. Too many people, too little money to go around, or outright greed for what there is.

Unfortunately, we fight among ourselves. Like when this article says there is a $25 billion dollar revenue, it conveniently leaves out that non Native folks own 75% of the the gaming in this country and that this percentage of nonNative folks is making soooo much more money.

It's terrible that within the community, if you "mess up," our Native American "politicians" can see you are removed from the roles! On top of it, the process of "appeal" seems nonexistent.